General Gameplay Video
Collection Completed Sequence
Dragon Collected Sequence
Dragon Breeding Menu
Gathering Menu and World Map
UI Animations and Responsive Layouts, Pre-Hookup
The following screen caps were taken during production, before code hookup. What you see – in terms of functionality, interactivity, and animation – is my work. The logic that drives the various menu states comes from Mecanim state machines I design for each menu and widget. I am able to choreograph all the animators using a custom tool that I designed, which links state changes to animator parameters.
Park HUD and Social Panel
Trade Market Menu
Guild Menu
Job Board Menu
Master Button Template
Game Open and Age Gate
Unity's animation system is driven by Mecanim, a visual programming environment to design finite state machines. Upon state or parameter changes, Mecanim calls keyframe animation files. I utilize these state machines not only to drive animation, but also to represent navigational and menu state logic. Using a proprietary tool design of my own, I then link state changes in master controllers to cause state changes in child controllers. This gives me a masterful control over choreography in a Unity scene, and allows me to fully-establish a front-end for the product all on my own. 

An example of a complex Mecanim state machine with many layers of logic.

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